china best Industrial Hand Winch Wire Rope 1800lbs manufacturers

Product Description

hand winch
1.Capacity: 550-1200kg
2.Take a look at load: 8-seventeen.64kN
three.Effortless cease in any situation with self-lock
4.Multipurpose. CZPT ing, supporting and hauling products with hand-driver.
5.Safety and trustworthiness. Simple cease in any place with self-lock.
six.Lubrication. Manufacturing unit lubrication before packaging.
seven.Optional drums. A few possibilities CZPT : single drum, split drum or widened drum.
8.Serial model. go well with with distinct rated load.
nine.Tremendous performance. Solid worm with heat-taken care of equipment can make the mechanism distinctive trustworthy and tough clean drive. Oil-retaining bushings or bearing for smooth travel.
ten.Sturdy floor finish. Powder-coated area in addition zinc-plating for CZPT er corrosion resistance.


lbs lbs
ZHHW-1 600 900 φ4.2x10m 2¡±x7m 3.2:one 1way/1speed
ZHHW-two 800 1200 φ4.5x10m 2¡±x7m 3.2:one 1way/1speed
ZHHW-3 a thousand 1500 φ4.5x10m 2¡±x7m 4.1:1 1way/1speed
ZHHW-four 1200 1800 φ4.8x10m 2¡±x7m four.1:one 1way/1speed
ZHHW-five 1400 2100 φ4.8x10m 2¡±x8m 4.:one 1way/1speed
ZHHW-six 1600 2400 φ5.0x10m 2¡±x8m four.:1 1way/1speed
ZHHW-seven 1800 2700 φ5.0x10m 2¡±x8m 4:1/8:one 1way/1speed
ZHHW-8 2000 3000 φ5.0x10m 2¡±x8m four:1/8:1 1way/1speed
ZHHW-9 2500 3750 φ5.6x10m 2¡±x8m 4:1/8:one 1way/1speed

Basic safety PROVISIONS: Worm drives must not be utilized as a locking system to safe hefty objects, which may possibly lead to injury or injury during reverse action. In non-perhaps hazardous apps, self-locking is required to prevent reverse rotation, and then a minimal-pitch solitary-threaded worm is employed to immediately lock the worm equipment to stop reverse rotation.
china  best Industrial Hand Winch Wire Rope 1800lbs manufacturers