china near me At083 Rotary Aluminium Alloy Air Actuator for DN50-DN65 Ball Valve, DN100-DN125 Butterfly Valve manufacturers

Item Description

AT pneumatic actuator

Mechanical Framework
AT series pneumatic actuators are created with a double-piston rack and pinion rotating framework. They are divided into double-acting and single-acting (spring return). They are suited for outside or indoor environments that are not corrosive or corrosive.

Benefits of AT pneumatic actuator:
one. Basic structure
two. Huge output thrust
3. Clean and trustworthy action
4. Protected and explosion-evidence
Software discipline: It is widely utilised in the production procedure with high protection specifications this kind of as chemical business and oil refining.

The AT pneumatic actuator has a CZPT piston stroke and is suited for occasions necessitating increased thrust. It can not only directly travel the valve seat, but also can be employed in conjunction with CZPT s and so on.

With the constant development of intelligent pneumatic actuators, smart valve positioners have become an indispensable accent product. The smart valve positioner is outfitted with a extremely integrated microcontroller, which makes use of the theory of electric powered balance (electronic stability) as an alternative of the classic force balance theory, and converts electric powered handle instructions into pneumatic positioning increments to recognize valve place handle use digital open and end , Off sign to drive the action of the pneumatic actuator the valve place opinions signal immediately passes by way of the large-precision placement sensor to recognize the electric powered/pneumatic conversion operate. CZPT valve positioner has the characteristics of strengthening output force and motion speed, altering accuracy, beating the friction of valve stem, and realizing appropriate positioning.

Structural qualities of AT pneumatic actuator

one) The extruded aluminum alloy cylinder human body has been difficult-oxidized, with challenging area texture and powerful dress in resistance.

two). Compact twin-piston gear and rack-and-pinion construction, precise meshing, clean transmission, symmetrical installation placement, and consistent output torque.

3) F4 guide rings are set up on the movable elements of the piston, rack and output shaft to obtain low friction, CZPT life, and keep away from metal-to-metal get in touch with.

4) The cylinder block, end cover, output shaft, spring, CZPT eners, and many others. are all handled with anti-corrosion.

five) The spring of the one pneumatic actuator is preloaded and set up, which can be safely and securely and conveniently disassembled and assembled.

six) AT32 pneumatic actuator can be modified in each instructions of degree and 90 degree additionally or minus 5 levels in both totally open up and totally shut positions.

7). The set up and relationship proportions conform to ISO5211, DIN3337, VD1/VDE3845 and namur specifications to make certain interchangeability between AT32 pneumatic actuators and facilitate the installation of solenoid valves, restrict switches and other add-ons.

eight) There are a assortment of shapes for the installation and connection holes of the output shaft (sq. hole, shaft crucial gap, flat gap) for variety

nine) Lovely and beautiful appearance, light-weight excess weight, and watertight sealing composition.

ten). There are normal temperature variety, large temperature type and lower temperature variety. Use nitrile rubber beneath typical temperature working circumstances, use fluorine rubber or silicon rubber at higher temperature or minimal temperature

AT pneumatic actuator kinds an angle

Regular forming angle: 0°~90°, adjustable ±5°

120°C forming angle: 0° ~120°, adjustable ±5°

180°C forming angle: 0° ~180°, adjustable ±5°

AT pneumatic actuator running medium

30μm filtered dry or lubricated clean compressed air, or CZPT -corrosive gasoline. Exposure level temperature -20° (-4°F)

AT pneumatic actuator Air stress

The maximum air force is 10bar (145psi)

The provide air stress is 3bar(44psi)~8bar(116psi)

AT pneumatic actuator working temperature

SL is the normal temperature (the sealing content is nitrile rubber O-ring NBR) -20°C (-4°F) ~ +80°C (+176°F)

HL is high temperature (sealing material is fluorine rubber O-ring FPM) -15°C (+5°F)~+150°C (+300°F)

LT is low temperature (sealing content is silicone rubber O-ring SILICON) -40°C (-40°F)~+80°C (+176°F)

For the implementation of low temperature and higher temperature, it requirements to be lubricated with particular grease.


As the most compact small precision gear program, worm gear sets give substantial reduction ratios in a quite little place. Worm gear sets transmit movement in between disjoint correct-angle shafts and give the quietest, smoothest working procedure of any equipment kind.
china  near me At083 Rotary Aluminium Alloy Air Actuator for DN50-DN65 Ball Valve, DN100-DN125 Butterfly Valve manufacturers