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1. Rotary desk movement:
1.1. The desk can be rotated in any route inside the plane of its personal. With the management button on the electrical box, it can recognize the features of forward, reverse, forward and reverse jog and stop.
1.2. CZPT mechanism of the transmission method: rotary motor → double reduction gear → pinion → rotary help → desk rotation, owing to the use of CZPT reducer, with self-locking function that is, when the tilt table, the load eccentric If it is higher than the specified assortment, the desk does not instantly rotate. The load eccentricity is limited by the magnitude of the load.
two. The tilting motion of the desk:
2.1. The table can be tilted ~ 1200 motion, can be wherever in this selection to quit or physical exercise, the motor utilizing the brake motor, with the potential to self-locking in the process of turning in the rated load selection desk does not personal Tilt movement Tilt restrict situation by the restrict change control.
two.2. The working desk turning generate is brake motor → two-phase cycloid reducer → two-stage equipment travel → desk turning movement, turning speed is .20r / min load heart is from worktable top and is constrained by load dimensions.
two.3. Welding existing conduction:
The welding current of the equipment by the carbon rod on the desk shaft, the center with a soft cable wire linked to the bottom of the base conduction.

The HB sequence machine is mounted sort. The functioning table has self-lock operate.

one three six ten twenty 30 50 eighty a hundred 200
Max. load kg a hundred 300 600 1000 2000 3000 5000 8000 10000 20000
rotate pace rpm/min .3-three .2-two .09-.nine .09-.nine .05-.5 .05-.5 .05-.5 .02-.2 .02-.2 .02-.two
turning pace rpm/min by manual by guide .forty two .four .35 .23 .2 .2 .2 .15
turret turning angle ° -90 -90 -ninety -90 -one hundred twenty -one hundred thirty five -135 -135 -a hundred thirty five -forty five-90
turret diameter  mm φ400 φ600 φ1000 φ1200 φ1250 φ1400 φ1500 φ1600 φ2000 φ2500
rotate motor CZPT kW .eighteen .18 .75 one.1 1.five three three five.5
turning motor CZPT kW / / .seventy five one.5 2.two 3 3 4 eleven
velocity adjustment AC frequency converter stepless velocity adjustment
max eccentricity  mm a hundred one hundred fifty 150 one hundred fifty 200 200 two hundred 200 two hundred two hundred
max length of gravity centre  mm two hundred 200 200 200 250 three hundred 300 400 500 600


600mm 3 jaws chuck specialized parameters

Manner D1 D2 D3 D4 H H1 H2 L Z-d1 Z-d
KP-600 365 four hundred 425 600 170 105 forty four hundred six-M12 6-M12*a hundred and ten

Mode Needed clamping pressure carrying capability Clamping selection of positive clawsA Claw clamping rangeB Prolonged clamping assortment
KP-600 1200kg 1000kg 450-600 300-450 40-750


The lubricating oil external circulation gear of the worm gear reducer gear has minimal oil temperature. The worm gear reducer strategies to traverse its electricity. The worm gear is created of non-ferrous metal. Grasp information worms are typically created of difficult metal. As a result, making use of a whole lot of warmth in the application, coupled with the affect of the ambient temperature, it is hard to handle the temperature of the reducer. Use within the temperature range. When the ambient temperature is lower than 0℃, the operating temperature of the worm equipment reducer must be managed at -40℃~40℃. It is advisable to heat or use a low freezing point lubricant before the oil is fully dissolved.
china  shop Automatic Portable Welding Positioner with Chuck Welding Table manufacturers