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Merchandise Description

We are expert Gears,Spur Gears,Bevel gears,Helical Gears,Planetary gears,Pinion Gears, Ring Gears,Worm Gears,Equipment Wheels,Common Gears,Non-Regular Gears Manufacturing unit from CZPT
Following is substance quality of gears that we could offer:Alloy Metal, Carbon Steel, CZPT Metal, Cast Iron, CZPT , Copper, Brass and Plastic.
The module of Gears that we could generate is 1mm-50mm
The accuacy of Gear that we could generate range in DIN 3960 course 8 to 4, ISO 1328 course 8 to 4, AGMA 2000 course ten-fifteen, JIS 1702-1703 class to 2, and so on.
Adhering to is warmth treatment method that we could provide for CZPT Gears:Quenching and tempering, equipment tooth induction quenching, nitriding, carburization
We have pursuing tools to create equipment:
CNC gear hobbing device, gear shaper, gear shaper, gear chamfering device, wire cutting, yan tooth device,CNC milling equipment, grinding device, sawing equipment, roll, insert, grinding,CNC milling and all types of gear processing machine
Our Gears are commonly utilized in Wind turbine, locomotive, feeding equipment, metallurgy machinery, mining machinery, coal mining device, cement mill, railway locomotive, large-scale development equipment, large scale precision reducer,electronics, textiles, printing, electrical manufacturing, corrugated packaging equipment, electric powered autos, bikes, health care products, physical fitness products, lawn mower, pneumatic resources, fiscal gear,paper, toys, locks, home appliances, industrial stitching,tobacco, foods, instrument, chemical industry, and many others and so on
Please send us the drawing of gears that you require, we are glad to estimate the best value for your aspect

Pursuing is material grade of Gear that we couold provide
Subsequent is the content quality of cast gears that we could generate:
AISI 1571,AISI 1045,AISI 4140,AISI 4130,AISI 4340, AISI 4317,AISI 4130, AISI 8620,AISI 9840,.AISI 4150,42CrMo4,25CrMo4,34CrNiMo6,17CrNiMo6-4 20NiCrMo22,34CrMo4,30CrNiMo8,36CrNiMo4,16CrNiMo12,40NiCrMo7,41CrALMo7,30NiCrMo12, 12CrMo9-ten,18CrMos4,18CrNiMo7-6,18Cr2Ni4WA,18Cr2Ni4WE,17CrNiMo6,16MnCr5,St52-3,S355j2g3,50CrMo4,39NiCrMo3,,20NiCrMo2-2

china  shop Professional Steel Gear Factory From China manufacturers