china wholesaler 200t Automatic Welding Positioner Welding Turning Table for Steel Structure manufacturers

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one. Rotary table movement:
one.1. The table can be rotated in any direction in the plane of its own. With the control button on the electrical box, it can understand the functions of forward, reverse, forward and reverse jog and quit.
1.2. CZPT mechanism of the transmission process: rotary motor → double reduction equipment → pinion → rotary assist → table rotation, owing to the use of CZPT reducer, with self-locking operate that is, when the tilt desk, the load eccentric If it is better than the specified selection, the table does not immediately rotate. The load eccentricity is minimal by the magnitude of the load.
two. The tilting motion of the desk:
two.1. The desk can be tilted ~ 1200 motion, can be anyplace in this selection to quit or workout, the motor using the brake motor, with the ability to self-locking in the approach of turning in the rated load variety desk does not own Tilt movement Tilt limit position by the limit swap manage.
two.2. The operating table turning push is brake motor → two-stage cycloid reducer → two-stage gear travel → desk turning movement, turning pace is .20r / min load middle is from worktable top and is minimal by load dimension.
two.3. Welding present conduction:
The welding recent of the equipment by the carbon rod on the desk shaft, the middle with a gentle cable wire connected to the base of the foundation conduction.

The HB series equipment is fastened kind. The operating table has self-lock purpose.

one three 6 ten twenty thirty 50 eighty one hundred two hundred
Max. load kg 100 three hundred 600 1000 2000 3000 5000 8000 10000 20000
rotate pace rpm/min .3-three .2-two .09-.nine .09-.nine .05-.5 .05-.five .05-.5 .02-.2 .02-.two .02-.two
turning speed rpm/min by manual by handbook .42 .four .35 .23 .2 .two .two .15
turret turning angle ° -90 -ninety -90 -ninety -120 -135 -a hundred thirty five -a hundred thirty five -135 -forty five-ninety
turret diameter  mm φ400 φ600 φ1000 φ1200 φ1250 φ1400 φ1500 φ1600 φ2000 φ2500
rotate motor CZPT kW .18 .18 .75 one.1 1.1 1.1 one.five 3 three 5.5
turning motor CZPT kW / / .75 one.1 1.five 2.two three 3 four eleven
velocity adjustment AC frequency converter stepless velocity adjustment
max eccentricity  mm 100 150 one hundred fifty 150 200 200 200 200 200 200
max length of gravity centre  mm two hundred two hundred 200 200 250 300 300 400 500 600


Ep’s solution selection only includes bronze worm gears. The cause is straightforward, bronze assures the ideal sliding and dry managing homes in comparison to other components. The aluminium articles also ensures higher chemical resistance. Worm gears are ideal for steady procedure at large speed and torque.
china  wholesaler 200t Automatic Welding Positioner Welding Turning Table for Steel Structure manufacturers