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china best Standard Double Single Chain Sprocket manufacturers

Product Description

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Regular or specific sprocket as per your drawing or sample CZPT
one. Rang of solution
25/35/forty/forty one/fifty/sixty/80/one hundred/one hundred twenty/140/a hundred and sixty/a hundred and eighty/two hundred/240
two. CZPT . Processing diameter: ø =1450mm
The sequence of completed-bore sprocket
one. Rang of solution
35/forty/41//50/sixty/80/one hundred/a hundred and twenty/140/a hundred and sixty
2. CZPT . Processing diameter: ø =1450mm
Taper bore sprocket of BTL series
one. Rang of product
35/40/forty one//fifty/sixty/eighty/one hundred/a hundred and twenty/one hundred forty/one hundred sixty
2. CZPT . Processing diameter: ø =1450mm.
Max. Coordinated taper bush: 8065
Taper bore sprocket of QTL series
1. Rang of item
35/forty/forty one//50/60/eighty/one hundred/120/a hundred and forty/one hundred sixty/two hundred
two. CZPT . Processing diameter: ø =1450mm.
Max. Coordinated QD protect: N
STL taper bore sprocket
1. Rang of solution
35/forty/41//fifty/60/eighty/one hundred/one hundred twenty/one hundred forty/160/200
two. CZPT . Processing diameter: ø =1450mm.
Max. Coordinated Browning include: U2
Molten sprocket wheel
one. Rang of merchandise
06B/08B/10B/12B/16B/20B/24B(technological-bore & BTL taper bore)
We really feel honoured to offer you created to purchase product.
2. CZPT . Processing diameter: ø =1450mm. CZPT . Coordinated taper
Bush: 5050
three. CZPT . CZPT ght of the casting 2000kg.
Coarse pitch conveyor sprocket
1. Rang of solution
BTL taper bore sprocket of regular sequence
1. Rang of merchandise
35/forty/fifty/60/80/one hundred/one hundred twenty/a hundred and forty/a hundred and sixty
Flat-best conveyor sprockets
one. Rang of solution
P 1/2″
Idle gear
1. Rang of merchandise
Worm wheels &Worms
1. Rang of product( Module M1M3, Stress angle20°
two. Rang of product( diametral pitch 4DP16PD,
Force angle14.5°
Cylindrical spur gears
one. Rang of solution( Module M1M6, Stress angle20° Pierce
two. Rang of item( diametral pitch 4DP16PD, Strain angle20° /fourteen.5° . STL taper bore
Straight bevel equipment
1. Rang of item( Module M1.5M5, Stress angle20° Pierce
2. Rang of solution( diametral pitch 4DP16PD, Strain angle20° /14.5° STL taper bore

Variety 04B-48B
STHangZhouRD American,European Common
Materials Steel
Surface area Therapy BLACKEN ,ZINC PLATED

Worm gears are appropriate angle drives that provide big gear ratios with relatively short center-to-center distances from 1/4″ to 11″. When effectively installed and lubricated, they serve as the quietest, smoothest-managing equipment type. Due to the fact worm equipment drives can obtain substantial gear ratios, greatest reduction can be attained in a more compact place than numerous other kinds of equipment drives. The worm and worm equipment run at a 90° angle on non-intersecting axes.
china  best Standard Double Single Chain Sprocket manufacturers